Private Tubes Manufacture (PWL)

Hosted by Alexander Zawada. Website devoted to electron tubes, with particular emphasis on technology and design. This website contains the following sections:

  • My activity.
    • My laboratory - PWL.
    • About me.
    • Sought devices and elements.
  • Vacuum technologies.
    • Electric welding.
    • Electron tubes technology.
    • Mass spectrometry.
  • Vacuum Accessories.
    • Vacuum pumps.
    • Vacuum gauges and heads.
    • Connectors, valves and gaskets.
  • History.
    • TV and radio retro.
    • Polish electron tubes.
    • Institutes, manufacturing and experimental plants
  • Others
    • Memory tubes.
    • The microwave stage based on klistron tube.
    • Instruments and catalogs.

Welcome to PWL.