Antena 1935/06

Antenna nr. 6, 1935, year II, 10 February 1935.

  • Feast of the sea on 10.II.1935 (cover page II)
  • Final of the competition for radio play - opinions of jury members (1)
  • Silesian Concert - a program of Silesian songs awarded by the Polish Radio on January 12 at 21 (2)
  • Sharpness of life in old Poland - to the broadcast on 10.II at 17.50 ppt. "About the book of Prof. Bystroń" titled "Dzieje obyczajów" (3)
  • The sea in Polish music (6)
  • With the loudspeaker open, a report on music programs for 26 to 31 January 1935. (6)
  • I stop "Gdańsk" - a memory from the Gdańsk broadcast (7)
  • Warsaw 50 years ago in an anecdot - on the margin of the program dated 11.2 at 19.30 (7)
  • What are they talking about in Polish Radio ... (8)
    Nice surprises for the subscriber Nr. 400,000


The management of Polish Radio decided to honorably honor the radio subscriber, whose statistics from the radio agency will mark an impressive 400,000 digit. This subscriber gift will receive a wonderful superheterodyne "Olimpic" worth 700 PLN.
The radio will be handed to him in Warsaw, where, if he wishes, he will come at the expense of Polskie Radio, also receiving a free return ticket home. In addition, a 400-thousand subscriber will be able to give a few words through the microphone. However, in order to sweeten the profession of those who registered at the same time, and only by way of fate missed their prize, the Management of Polish Radio also allocated prizes for subscribers. Nr. 399.999 and No. 400,001. The first of them will receive an award in the form of exemption from the radios subscription for a year, and the second will also receive a weekly "Antena" free of charge for a year.

  • Lviv radios concerts for school youth.
  • Echoes of broadcasts from La Scala. Applying explanations in Polish.
  • "Selected thoughts" on bookstores.
  • The press of the radio (8)
  • Opera and radio.
  • Polish "folk receivers"

    "Kurier Lwowski" in the issue of 27.1 argues that Polish Radio could gain tens of thousands of new subscribers if it tried to release cheap radios receivers at the price of 5 - 60 zlotys, sold via Polish Radio for 12 installments, while simultaneously to lower the subscription by half until the purchase price is repaid. Would it not be an appropriate device for a radios exhibition to appear on it with a new type of radio receiver in the taste of the German "Volksempfänger"?
  • Competition for radio listeners
  • "Radio creates atmosphere ..."
  • Village broadcasting
  • Radio news (9)
  • From the cycle p.t. "Jokes with a long beard": The lady reconciles the maid ... - on the margins of the talks from the 15th of December at 12.45 (10)
  • Modern flat - on the sidelines of the program from 16th December at 17.50 (11)
  • Subscriber Nr. 400,000 ... (12)
  • We criticize ... - spoken programs (12)
  • Spoken word and music (13)
  • Radioclubs and Associations (13)
  • Radio humor (14)
  • Thanking you for the show ... (14)
  • Free grandstand (14)
  • Two conflicting voices about vocal programs.
  • Against "Jazz" - behind radio plays.
  • For fuller reviews.
  • SELEKTRA - Selective four-circuit three-circuit AC - completion (15)


  • Practical electrical units (18)
  • Antenna of the youngest (cover page III)
  • Advertising