"Audio anthology - when audio was young" - volume 1
compiled from Audio Engineering from may 1947 to december 1949 by C.G. McProud
Audio Amateur Publications, Inc., 1987

High Quality Amplifier with the 6AS7G (Mar 1948)
Audio Design Notes : Microseconds_DB Conversion (Mar 1948)
General Purpose 6AS7G Amplifier (June 1948)
Tubeless Hi-Fi Tuner (Aug 1949)
Compact 6AS7G Amplifier for Residence Audio Systems (Mar-Apr 1949)
FM Tuning Indicator (Sept 1948)
30-Watt High-Fidelity Audio Amplifier (July 1947)
High-Power Triode Amplifier (Feb 1949)
Low-Power Cathode-Coupled Amplifier (June 1949)
A Practical Cathode-Fillower Audio Amplifier (May 1949)
Musician's Amplifier ("Williamson") (Nov 1949)
Loudness Control for Reproducing Systems (May 1948)
Full-Range Loudness Control (Feb 1949)
Flexible Dual Control System (Feb 1949)
Low-Loss Tone Control (June 1949)
Feedback Equalizer (Oct 1947)
Heater Supplies for Amplifier Hum Reduction (Aug 1948)
Transition Frequency Compensation (July 1947)
H-F Equalization for Magnetic Pickups (Sept 1947)
Feedback Pre-Amplifier for Magnetic Pickups (Feb 1948)
A Continuously Variable Equalizing Pre-Amplifier (Apr 1949)
Simple RC Filters for Phonograph Amplifiers (June 1947)
Varsatile Phonograph Pre-Amplifier (Mar 1949)
The Dynamic Noise Suppressor (Nov 1947)
Experimantal Noise Suppressor (Jan 1948)
Balanced Clipper Noise Suppressor (Mar 1948)
Simplified Dynamic Noise Suppressor (Aug 1948)
Two-Way Speaker System (Nov-Dec 1947, Feb 1948)
Two-Way Speakers from Commercial Components (Nov 1948)
Three-Way Speaker System (June 1948)
Getting the Most out of a Reflex-Type Speaker (July 1948)
Vented Loudspeaker Enclosures (May 1948)
A New Corner Speaker Design (Jan-Feb 1949)
Corner Speaker Cabinet for 12-inch Cones (May 1949)
Design and Construction of Practical Dividing Networks (June 1947)
Multiple Speaker Matching (May 1947)
Elements of Residence Radio Systems (Sept-Dec 1948)
High-Fidelity Volume Expander (Sept 1947)

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