International Meeting of Lovers and Collectors of Old Radio
"Polish Radio transmitting station - Fort Mokotów"
"80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius"
(Grzegorz "gsmok" Makarewicz)

The Meeting was held on 8 June 2014 in the traditional location - gym in the High School named Nicolaus Copernicus in Warsaw. According to the program, which I received, it was devoted to the following topics:

  • Polish Radio transmitting station - Fort "Mokotów' (speaker Maurycy Bryx),
  • 80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius (speaker Sigitas Zilionis),
  • The most interesting radio from my collection (participants of the Meeting).

The timetable of the Meeting in reality was a bit different, due to the presentation of Mr. Henryk Berezowski on Radio Station "Gliwice". This unexpected disparity was the real icing on the cake.

Listed below is a comprehensive set of photographs from the Meeting. Details of the Meeting can be found in the polish version of the description.

Photo 1. Before the start of the Meeting - first participants gather around mini-flea-market, they also begin their first unofficial discussions.

Photo 2. Before the start of the Meeting - as you can see also first thirsty participants gathered around minibar. The number of minibar and mini-flea-market users was balanced.

Photo 3. Before the start of the Meeting - it is the last moment to make a photo not disturbed by any old radio enthusiast.

Photo 4. Before the start of the Meeting - I really take care of my phone and camera, but some decided to throw their smartphones in the basket - a new type of 21-st century basketball discipline.

Photo 5. Before the start of the Meeting - and of the play. From this moment it was not possible to take a photo without a collector in the backgroud. A minus for me as a photographer and a big plus for collectors, because the evidence of their interest in the subject od radio-retro. By the way - greetings for Colleague from TRIODA Board.

Photo 6. The start of the Meeting - Mr Mariusz Matejczyk asking for silence.

Photo 7. Discussing the objectives of the Trioda Society

The relevant part of the Meeting began with a presentation on the Warsaw broadcasting station located at Fort "Mokotów". It was presented by one of the most known radio enthusiast - Mr Maurycy Bryx. In addition to technical details, the presentation contained a shocking description of the defense of Fort "Mokotów" (eye-participant relationship written during the defensive fighting) in September 1939.

Photo 8. Polish Radio transmitting station - Fort "Mokotów" (speaker Maurycy Bryx)

Photo 9. Polish Radio transmitting station - Fort "Mokotów" (speaker Maurycy Bryx)

And now the first part of the photographic relation of the exhibition accompanying the Meeting. "Earlier date" exhibits. The selection of the exhibits was rather accidental. The justification is, that this time the Meeting was devoted not to old radios bur broadcasting stations.

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

Photo 14.

Photo 15.

Photo 16.

Photo 17.

Photo 18.

Photo 19.

Photo 20.

Photo 21.

Photo 22.

Photo 23.

Photo 24.

Photo 25.

Photo 26.

Photo 27.

Photo 28.

Photo 29.

Photo 30.

Photo 31.

Photo 32.

Photo 33.

Photo 34.

Photo 35.

Photo 36.

Photo 37.

Photo 38.

Photo 39.

Photo 40.

Photo 41.

Photo 42.

Photo 43.

Photo 44.

Photo 45.

Photo 46.

Photo 47.

Photo 48.

Photo 49.

Photo 50.

Photo 51.

The second lecture concerned the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Vilnius Broadcasting. It was prepared and presented by Mr. Sigitas Zilionis. The lecture was very interesting. Unfortunately, what happened to the building on which the plaque was placed was very sad. I hope that the presenter will have enough energy that the memory of the Vilnius Broadcasting will not be lost.

By the way, I want to congratulate Mr. Zilionis a beautiful collection of radios produced by Elektrit Company. Very rare and valuable radios.

Photo 52. 80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius (speaker Sigitas Zilionis)

Photo 53. 80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius (speaker Sigitas Zilionis)

Photo 54. 80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius (speaker Sigitas Zilionis)

Photo 55. 80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius (speaker Sigitas Zilionis)

Photo 56. 80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius (speaker Sigitas Zilionis)

Photo 57. 80th Anniversary of the Polish Radio Station Vilinius (speaker Sigitas Zilionis)

There was a break for lunch. The hall was empty, but not quite. Among the few people remained me - your reporter, lasted with empty stomach at the station in order to capture as much Meeting details as possible.

Photo 58. Adjournment of the session

Lunch eaten. Hall fills up again. Unfortunately, I couldn't post a photo of the banquet room. I looked in there for a moment and had to exit immediately because I would have stayed there and I would not be able to go back in time to the meeting hall. Briefly - the organizers really tried.

Photo 59. Adjournment of the session

The second part of the exhibition - newer radios.

Photo 60. KOS radio set. I discussed with the owner of the collection in terms of the number of colors used by the manufacturer. The presented collection probably contains all of which were on the market. I have one KOS radio in blue color. If anyone knows of other case colors, please contact me and if possible send a photo.

Photo 61.

Photo 62.

Photo 63.

Photo 64.

Photo 65.

Photo 66.

After the break, a very interesting paper was presented by Mr. Henryk Berezowski. It concerned the "Gliwice" Radio Station.

Photo 67. Radio Station "Gliwice" (speaker Henryk Berezowski)

Photo 68.  Radio Station "Gliwice" (speaker Henryk Berezowski)

Photo 69.  Radio Station "Gliwice" (speaker Henryk Berezowski)

The speaker appealed to all for help in completing the vacuum tubes used in the renovated transmitter. Here they are:

Photo 70. Radio Station "Gliwice" (speaker Henryk Berezowski)

Photo 71. Radio Station "Gliwice" (speaker Henryk Berezowski)

If anyone has seen, heard, or has such tubes, please contact Mr. Henryk Berezowski, or contact me via the TRIODA Board or TRIODA Service (

In the conference room a small place was dedicated for mini-flea-market. This time, it was very humble, but I found some very interesting exhibits, for example Philips type 456A (or Cosmos K83) found during earthworks below Golden Terraces in Warsaw.

Photo 72. Mini Flea Market

Photo 73 Mini Flea Market

Photo 74 Mini Flea Market

Photo 75 Mini Flea Market

Photo 76 Mini Flea Market

Photo 77 Mini Flea Market

Photo 78 Mini Flea Market - Philips type 456A (or Cosmos K83)

Photo 79.  Mini Flea Market - Philips type 456A (or Cosmos K83)

Photo 80 Mini Flea Market - Philips type 456A (or Cosmos K83)

Photo 81 Mini Flea Market - Philips type 456A (or Cosmos K83)

Finally, I would like to congratulate the Organizers of the Trioda Meeting and look forward to the next.

Written by Grzegorz "gsmok" Makarewicz,

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