Grzegorz 'gsmok' Makarewicz

I present photographic documentation of tube amplifier Burdjak Area-41. This is a stereo amplifier based on 6S41S (6C41C) triodes working in non-symmetric configuration (SE). The 6S41S power tubes are relatively rare in commercial applications. The situation is different in DIY amplifiers where 6S41S triodes, being anemic cousins of more powerfull 6S33S tubes are often used. The Burdjak Area-41 amplifier provides a really enjoyable listening experience - it is of course only my subjective opinion.

I took photos during the repair of the amplifier. I present them in the order in which they were saved when I was doing the documentation for my collection. Soon I will try to add to this gallery a more detailed description. Meanwhile, I invite you to look at the details of construction. 

I turn the amplifier upside down. Cover bottom is impressively solid - just like the whole mechanical structure of the amplifier. Feet are a true masterpiece - you can bet on them not only the amplifier but also the whole listening room. Wow!!!!!

To view the tube sockets you don't need to disassemble the housing, just remove the tubes. Control tubes sockets are traditional, while power tubes sockets are a real rarity.

Here's the interior. Several photographs of a general nature and huge set of detailed shots. Unfortunately, when it comes to the details, the more detailed photo means the worse impressions.


It's high time to see what is hidden under the coat can of transformers. Loosen the nuts a few screws (located on the bottom inside the chassis) and slowly I reveal "guts".

Here is the cover itself. It weighs probably more than two kilograms. This is indeed an armored turret tanks.

The inside of the cover has been glued with damping material.

Well, and now it's time for the mysterious interior. A real mix of good intentions and the terrible realization.

Written by : Grzegorz 'gsmok' Makarewicz