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Tube amplifier "Petrus" is produced by a small manufacture in Ukraine. It is not known to me the number of copies produced - certainly is small - it does not prevent the fact, that at least a few copies of this amplifier operates in the environment of our domestic audiophiles.  The amplifier is based on 6S33S tubes (called "devils") operating in class A, and delivering an output power of about 15W per channel.

The amplifier is placed in the two enclosures. The top is actual amplifier system, and the lower is a power supply. The two amplifier blocks are connected by four solid wires. Let's start with a few shots of a "complete," audio device.

The amplifier looks very solid. How much - I have found trying to put it in the right place to take photographs. All activities associated with the movement of the amplifier required to separate in into two blocks. Amplifier itself is not too heavy - all transformers are in the power supply housing. Yes, yes, you got it right - there are also output transformers. In contrast to the "bare" amplifier block, the power supply box (plus output transformers) issued my spine to the test. I think it weighs more than 30kg!

Fig. 1.

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Fig. 6.

It is time to step vivisection of the amplifier. Here it is on the bench test - rear view - with connection cables ...

Fig. 7.

... and without the cables.

Fig. 8.

After removing the wires amplifier can be physically separated from the power supply.

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