The program allows to determine the optimal operating point of a triode. It does not require installation and can be run by most web browsers. This is the first version of the program, which will be extended with new opportunities.

Using the program is intuitive. Just click at the following link:


Here is the screenshot of the simulator window.

To change the parameters use triangular indicators that can be dragged using the mouse. There are six indicators, numbered from 1 to 6.

Indicators M1, M2 M3 and M4 are used to change the parameters of the loadline. Indicator M5 is dedicated to shift the operating point along the loadline. Indicator marked as M6 is used to adjust the maximum input voltage.

Moving the M1 (and at the same time M2) affects the operating point and the slope of the loadline, but does not affect the position of the  M3 (and M4). The same situation is with M3. The only difference is that M1 changes the anode current while M3 changes anode voltage.

Moving the M2 (and at the same time M1) affects the position of M3 (and M4), the slope of the loadline, but does not affect the operating point. The same situation is with M4. 

Note: I checked the behavior of the program in different browsers. There is no problem with new versions of browsers. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer version 8.0 and earlier can not cope with it. In a newer version of IE for example. 11.0 this problem does not occur. Users of Windows XP using IE 8.0 wanting to take advantage of the program must therefore run it in a different browser than IE 8.0 (this is the highest version in Windows XP), eg using the Google Chrome or FireFox.

There is a discussion about the program on TRIODA Forum. I would be grateful for information about problems with running and functioning of the program.

Prepared by: Grzegorz Makarewicz "gsmok"