Audio anthology - when audio was young - volume 6

"Audio anthology - when audio was young" - volume 6
Audio Amateur Publications, Inc., 1994

A Feel for Transistors
A Transistorized Stereo Phono Preamplifier
Designing a Transistorized Preamp
A Transistorized Stereophonic Control Unit
A Transistor Protector
Amplifiers with Positive and Negative Feedback
Feedback Techniques in Low-Level Amplifiers
Universal Feedback Amplifier Circuit
The Anode Follower
Hanging Hi-Fi System
A Case for the Custom Console
Common-Bass Stereo Speaker System
New Design Chart for Bass-Reflex Enclosures
What Hath the FCC Wrough?
The Good News - Stereo Broadcast
FM Stereo - The General Electric System
FM Stereo: Time-Division Approach
Filters for FM-Stereo
An FM Multiplex Stereo Adaptor
Signal Sampling for FM Stereo
Distortion in Tape Recording
Maintaining Frequency Response in Recorders
Improving Frequency Response in Recorders
Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Characteristics of Tape Noise
Tape Indexing Nomograph
Stereo Misconceptions
To Phase or Not to Phase?
Those Crazy Mixed-up Currents
Regulate That Voltage!
Graphical Solution to the Tracking Problem
Determination of Tracking Angle in Pickup Arm Design
The Silicon Diode in Audio Equipment
Equipment Failure Alarms
FM Sweep Alignment Unit-Austerity Model
"Ersatz Stereo" Unlimited
Another Power Amplifier
Computers in Audio Design
Speaker Power