"Audio anthology - when audio was young" - volume 2
compiled from Audio Engineering from January 1950 to July 1952 by C.G. McProud
Audio Amateur Publications, Inc., 1989

An Ultra-Linear Amplifier (5)
Ultra-Linear Operation of the Williamson Amplifier (8)
A 15-Watt Direct-Coupled Amplifier (13)
Space-Charge-Grid Amplifier (16)
"Williamson" Type Amplifier Using 6A5's (19)
The Musician's Amplifier Senior (22)
A Survey of Audio-Frequency Power-Amplifier Circuits (25)
How Far Can I Mismatch ? (28)
The Cathode Follower Output Stage (30)
Loudspeaker Damping as a Function of the Plate Resistance of the Power Output Tube (33)
A New Approach to Loudspeaker Damping (34)
Dynamic Negative Feedback (37)
It's Positive Feedback (41)
Improved Cathode Bias Circuit Affording Fixed Bias (43)
Equalized Pre-Amplifier Using Single-Stage Feedback (44)
Two Preamplifiers for Magnetic Pickups (45)
A Simple Preamplifier and Tone-Control Unit (47)
An Audio Input System (49)
A Mixer and a Preamplifier for the Recording Enthusiast (52)
D.C. Heater Supply for Low-Level Amplifiers (55)
A Continuously Variable Loudness Control (57)
A Two-Tap Bass and Treble Compensated Volume Control (59)
Stereophonic Reproduction (60)
Phono Facts (62)
AES Standard Playback Curve (65)
Recording Characteristics (67)
Phonograph Reproduction (71)
Construction Practice (76)
Resonant Loudspeaker Enclosures (81)
Reflexed Loudspeaker Enclosures (84)
Loudspeaker Enclosures (87)
Design Elements for Improved Bass Response in Loudspeaker Systems (92)
Design Data for a Bass-Reflex Cabinet (96)
Design and Construction of Horn-type Loudspeakers (99)
A Distributed-Source Horn (104)
Crossover Network for Unequal V.C. Impedances (106)
Constant-Resistance Dividing Networks (107)
Design for Smooth Response (109)
The Interview Amplifier (110)
Universal Amplifier for Magnetic Tape Recorder (115)
Improvements on the Universal Amplifier (122)

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